Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to XXX Arena hosting the one and only - America’s Cock Sucking Championship! Let us say, this notorious Cup is absolutely loaded this year, with stunning women as the finest competitors and endless inches of cock as the greatest challenge! It seems these ladies are so hungry for victory they’re ready to show their skills right in the locker room! Let’s not keep them waiting! We declare America’s Cock Sucking Championship open!!!!!
Brigette Kerkove VS Czarrina
MOVIE INFORMATION: Full Movie Size: 305 MB, Total Time: 30 Minutes, Formats: WMV & MPEG
Cock Sucking Championship’s favorite Czarrina and her former ally Brigette Kerkove become adversaries as they collide for the big prize this year. Watch as the two porn stars open their nasty mouths wide, hungry for major cock that, if luck permits, will take one of the girls to the finals! We gotta tell ya, XXX Arena has seen more than you will ever know, but that kind of angry deepthroating has been a jaw dropping experience! Want to find out who wins? Watch the full movie!
Dynamite VS Gina Ryder
MOVIE INFORMATION: Full Movie Size: 310 MB, Total Time: 30 Minutes, Formats: WMV & MPEG
Life has been good for the gorgeous Gina Ryder. The cock sucking maniac is out to play again, this time her opponent - Dynamite - being slightly more dangerous than Gina might think. Will her impeccable winning streak be over this time? Dynamite challenges Gina by taking a bigger cock down her throat, while the former Summer Cup champion goes for an advantage in quantity. Both are tired after several rounds of this crazy fight, but their lips and tongues still manage to do the job right! Click here to watch the movie!
Dolly Golden VS Monique
MOVIE INFORMATION: Full Movie Size: 411 MB, Total Time: 40 Minutes, Formats: WMV & MPEG
The most sought after Cup seems to have turned former friends into enemies, or so the gossip columns say. Dolly Golden takes on Monique in a breathtaking, cum-spilling fight where both the girls look like they have a problem with each other. So sad the two cuties have to fight over cock, but it sure is exciting to watch a black chick and a white chick compete in blowing and swallowing! Click here to watch the movie!
Layla Jade VS Vivian Valentine
MOVIE INFORMATION: Full Movie Size: 446 MB, Total Time: 43 Minutes, Formats: WMV & MPEG
Silence spoke volumes as Layla Jade stepped into the wrestling ring today looking like she was going to defend her “Blowjob Queen” title no matter what. What that sex on legs did not know was that Vivian Valentine had been practicing long and hard. The two girls got down to business, licking king-size schlong in the opening round and taking more cock as they advanced to the numerous rounds that followed! Want to find out who wins? Click here to watch the movie!
Nikita Denise VS Amber Michaels
MOVIE INFORMATION: Full Movie Size: 517 MB, Total Time: 50 Minutes, Formats: WMV & MPEG
It is not news that Nikita Denise and Amber Michaels are close friends. However, the fight for the Cup made them act in an every man for himself manner! Nikita made a point out of wringing every cock dry, while Amber had fun consuming several meat sticks at a time! The wrestling ring got slippery at the end of the opening round, but in no way did it stop those hotties! Click here to watch the full movie!
Rikki Licks VS Mia Damaine
MOVIE INFORMATION: Full Movie Size: 531 MB, Total Time: 51 Minutes, Formats: WMV & MPEG
Cortknee and Candy Apples, the Championship’s sweethearts, hushed the crowd today with their sheer sexyness and ability to gulp down as many black cunt busters as possible! Candy had to go through hell and back with those enormous dicks, while Cortknee was challenging her to take more! Want to find out who wins? Click here to watch the full movie!
Alexandra Silk VS Lola
MOVIE INFORMATION: Full Movie Size: 608 MB, Total Time: 58 Minutes, Formats: WMV & MPEG
What a night, Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s Alexandra Silk vs. Lola! The Championship’s devoted fans already know what these girls are capable of. This fight was no exception! It was not easy for Lola to take 3 dicks into her mouth and have another one in between her tits, but Lola showed real courage gulping down buckets of cum! If one of them is not worth advancing to the finals, who is? Want to find out who wins? Click here to watch the movie!
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